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Privacy Policy


Brand nesting technologies does not share personal information with any other non affiliated company except in certain circumstances that are pin pointed below:
We provide information in the circumstance where you requested some product or service with Brand nesting technologies. Brand nesting technologies provide your information to trusted entities under strict confidential agreement. We provide the communication facility about Brand nesting technologies and our marketing partners who do not hold any independent right to further share the information.
We provide the information at the time when our company - Brand nesting technologies is merged with some other company.
Brand nesting technologies feels the necessity of sharing information to investigate, restrict and protect any kind of fraud, illegal activities, threat to the safety of the person or as required by the law.
We are open towards responding to legal processes, exercises and legal claims.
You may choose to give your information such as name, address and e-mail address in order to correspond with Brand nesting technologies. We intend to protect your identification details and other information taking care of your security overall.
Brand nesting technologies is not predisposed for any unsolicited information that you provide to us. We make genuine effort to respond to your requests in a timely manner so as to correct inaccuracy in your information. We expect you to respond to the message containing inaccuracies and sent it back to the sender.
Brand nesting technologies understand the security of your information over the web and thus accept high standards of technology and operational security. As soon as you enter and select your application under our site, it becomes the property of Brand nesting technologies.
We use cookies to obtain certain type of information when your browser accesses our site. Cookies are often used to store our user information, keeping track of the information and often for enhancing the site and also for marketing purposes.
We even recognize the transmission of spam mails as one of the major concerns and thus we take relevant measures to curtail the effect of these spam mails in the environment of Brand nesting technologies
The privacy policy may change from time to time and does not apply any information that you may disclose in public or similar web pages. You should always be clear with the thought that when you disclose your personal information online that information may be used by someone you do not know. Brand nesting technologies bears no liability in regard if the third party uses any information of the users that are displayed on the message board or any of the user forums. It should be noted that the privacy policy may change from time to time but will not reduce your right any time. Brand nesting technologies is responsible for posting any sort of change on this page only. We will also keep all other prior versions of our privacy policy in archive for our users review any time

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